These are the 100 best coffees in Australia

Too hot, too weak, terrible milk … there are so many ways a barista can get it wrong.

To help in the quest for an on-point caffeine kick, here is the list that Yelp just released of the top 100 coffee places in Australia.

For the uninitiated, Yelp is an app that publishes crowdsourced reviews about local businesses.

To determine the placings the data team analysed which coffee places were the most popular and well reviewed. They compared businesses from across the country using a ranking that considered total ratings and number of reviews, while also accounting for quality, popularity, and statistical fluctuations.

Social Brew in Pyrmont was ranked the best coffee in NSW. Image: James G on Yelp.

Melbourne holds its reputation as the Australian city with the highest proportion of coffee lovers. City laneway favourite Patricia takes the top spot and 27 Victorian businesses made the list overall (the best of any state).

It’s also interesting to note that Western Australia is punching well above its weight with 25 businesses featured in the Top 100.

It needs to be considered that Yelp may be more popular in certain cities and thus the list is a bit skewed. For example this list indicates that Yelp is quite popular in Adelaide (three SA venues are featured in the top 10 whereas NSW only has one).

But hey, maybe they just have super excellent coffee in South Australia.

Here’s the complete list.

Yelp’s Top 100 Coffees in Australia

1. Patricia, Melbourne, VIC

2. E For Ethel, North Adelaide, SA

3. Social Brew, Pyrmont, NSW

4. Lowdown, Perth, WA

5. Bunker, Milton, QLD

6. The League of Honest Coffee, Melbourne, VIC

7. Coffee Branch, Adelaide, SA

8. Monk Bodhi Dharma, Balaclava, VIC

9. The Pantry on Egmont, Hawthorn, SA

10. Toastface Grillah, Perth, WA

11. Mister Sunshine’s, Thebarton, SA

12. Brother Baba Budan, Melbourne, VIC

13. Dukes Coffee Roasters, Melbourne, VIC

14. Single Origin Roasters, Surry Hills, NSW

15. Exchange Specialty Coffee, Adelaide, SA

16. Room 10, Potts Point, NSW

17. John Mills Himself, Brisbane, QLD

18. Chu Bakery, Highgate, WA

19. The Kettle Black, South Melbourne, VIC

20. The Old Crow, Perth, WA

21. Tuck Shop, Perth, WA

22. Ltd Espresso + Brew Bar, Fortitude Valley, QLD

23. Proud Mary, Collingwood, VIC

24. The Steam Engine, Chatswood, NSW

25. Caffiend, Cairns, QLD

26. Campos Coffee, Newtown, NSW

27. Scout, Brisbane, QLD

28. The Yellow Deli, Katoomba, NSW

29. Piccolo’s Corner, West Leederville, WA

30. Everyday Coffee, Collingwood, VIC

31. Paddy’s lantern, Adelaide, SA

32. Two Birds One Stone, South Yarra, VIC

33. Three Williams, Sydney, NSW

34. Peel Street, Adelaide, SA

35. BTS Cafe, Adelaide, SA

36. Cup of Truth, Melbourne, VIC

37. Clement, South Melbourne, VIC

38. tbsp., Bayswater, WA

39. Bench Espresso, Perth, WA

40. Harvest Espresso, Victoria Park, WA

41. Le Monde Cafe, Surry Hills, NSW

42. Market Lane Coffee, Melbourne, VIC**

43. Seven Seeds, Carlton, VIC

44. John Smith Cafe, Waterloo, NSW

45. Workshop Espresso, Sydney, NSW

46. Yocal, Fremantle, WA

47. Bossman Coffee, Mount Lawley, WA

48. The Cupping Room, Canberra, ACT

49. Miss Jackson, St Kilda, VIC

50. Small Print, Perth, WA

51. Shouk Cafe, Brisbane, QLD

52. Cafe Troppo, Adelaide, SA

53. Esprezzo, Noranda, WA

54. Flora & Fauna, Nedlands, WA

55. Brewtown Newtown, Newtown, NSW

56. The Coffee Barun, Sefton Park, SA

57. St Ali, South Melbourne, VIC

58. Delicatezza, Mitchelton, QLD

59. Corner Store Cafe, Toowong, QLD

60. Wedge Espresso, Glebe, NSW

61. Roasting Warehouse, South Fremantle, WA

62. Humblebee Coffee, Mount Hawthorn, WA

63. Twenty & Six Espresso, North Melbourne, VIC

64. Tripod Cafe, Redfern, NSW

65. The Seasonal Garden Café, Hahndorf, SA

66. The Cook And Baker, Bondi Junction, NSW

67. Moana Coffee, Perth, WA

68. Cobb Lane, Yarraville, VIC

69. Chouquette, New Farm, QLD

70. Top Paddock, Richmond, VIC

71. The Premises, Kensington, VIC

72. Dear Daisy, Forestville, SA

73. Typika Cafe, Claremont, WA

74. Sad:Cafe, Adelaide, SA

75. Superstar Waffles, Perth, WA

76. C.R.E.A.M, Brighton, SA

77. Good Things, Mosman Park, WA

78. Galleon Cafe, St Kilda, VIC

79. No Name Lane, Broadbeach, QLD

80. BREW, Brisbane, QLD

81. The Noosa Chocolate Factory, Brisbane, QLD

82. Red Cacao, Adelaide, SA

83. South of Johnston, Collingwood, VIC

84. Merchants Guild, Bentleigh East, VIC

85. Daci & Daci Bakers, Hobart, TAS

86. Waffle On, Melbourne, VIC

87. Sherbet, Maylands, WA

88. Three Bags Full, Abbotsford, VIC

89. Caparezza, Adelaide, SA

90. Gusto Food, South Perth, WA

91. Journeyman, Windsor, VIC

92. Sapore Espresso Bar, Perth, WA

93. Shot on Military, Cremorne, NSW

94. Mecca Ultimo, Ultimo, NSW

95. Balderdash, Port Melbourne, VIC

96. Yelo, Trigg, WA

97. La Moka, Adelaide, SA

These are the 100 best coffees in Australia

98. Chalkys Espresso Bar, Fremantle, WA

99. Manchester Press, Melbourne, VIC

100. Coffee Tea & Me, Redfern, NSW

**(Multiple locations of this business ranked in the Top 100. Only the first was listed.)

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