Hailey Bieber Will Influence You to Try TikTok's Viral Latte Makeup Trend

How Hailey Bieber Avoids Social Media Negativity

Hailey Bieber's latest look is simply brew-tiful.

While the Rhode founder is known for her signature glazed donut skin, she recently tried her hand at a new TikTok trend: latte makeup. But Hailey upped the ante by perfectly blending the all-over bronzy beauty craze with her fashion.

"Latte makeup," she captioned her July 17 TikTok, "but let's make it head to toe."

In the tutorial, the 26-year-old made sure to prep her skin with her beauty brand's Rhode Glazing Milk (after all, what's a latte without milk?) and the Peptide Glazing Fluid. Now, this is where Hailey put a fresh spin on the trend, as she contoured and concealed before applying found…