McDonald’s Is Offering Early Access To New Crispy Chicken Sandwich With Limited-Edition Capsule Drop On February 18, 2021

Here’s what’s in the $5 capsule:

  • Early access to the new Crispy Chicken Sandwich starting on February 23, 2021, one full day before it’s available in restaurants nationwide.
  • An original, never-before-heard audio track created by music producer Tay Keith on 7″ vinyl. Created especially for the new Crispy Chicken Sandwich, and debuting soon in the brand’s advertising, you can hear it here first and only get a copy with this drop.
  • A limited-edition hoodie that reps the new Crispy Chicken Sandwich in one word “crispyjuicytender” and features a waveform design of Tay Keith’s original track running up one sleeve. Available in sizes S through XXL.

For early access, head to…