Are beauty wipes the next big cosmetics trend-

The research showed that beauty wipes will grow over 4% in the next three years, while in comparison, traditional skin care only grew 2% last year. The personal wipes sector as a whole was worth $2.5 billion in North America in 2016, while cosmetic wipes accounted for $414 million of the overall market that looks like it will only grow in the next years. Beauty wipe product offerings can be curated to any target consumer. Cosmetic brands have been creating anti-ageing wipes for the baby boomer customer, make-up removing wipes for the millennial, and deodorizing wipes for the male consumer.

The North American beauty wipes sector is only growing upwards. Both established brands and new brands are offering a selection of different beauty wipe options. Big companies, including beauty companies, still hold a huge share of the beauty wipes market, such as Proctor and Gamble Oil of Olay, Unilever with its Pond’s, Simple, and Noxzema brands or Clorox Co, which owns Burt’s Bees. But this burgeoning sector has recently attracted newcomers, including even  small-batch cosmetics brands. One of these brands is beauty company Savvy Travelers. Consumers have gravitated towards the brand because it has created a TSA-approved beauty wipes package that  passes airport security and is easy to useคำพูดจาก สล็อตเว็บตรง. Savvy Travelers’ wipes have niche uses – the brand offers polish remover wipes, cuticle moisturizing wipes, no-sweat wipes, and classic make-up remover wipes, all in single-use packaging that fit perfectly in small purses or bags.Game Face Products – a Pennsylvania-based grooming company is another wipe-specific brand that has taken off. Their men’s deodorizing and facial cleansing wipes have been picked up by Walmart to be distributed in over 2,000 stores nation-wide.

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